Conference 2020




Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response


22-23 October 2020



11th Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response Conference

Final Program

The Management of Digitization

in Supply Chain with Shoppers and Users

Ditization in Supply Cain with Shoppers and Users

First day – Thursday

22 October 2020



Opening Virtual Session – Welcome Speech


Valahia University of Târgoviște CAMPUS


(Bucharest Time Zone – Eastern European Summer Time (EEST), UTC +3)

Welcome & Introduction

Conference Co-Chairman

Professor Virgil POPA & Ruediger HAGEDORN

1st Virtual Session


Chair: Virgil POPA

9.30 –10.30

Keynote Speakers: Ruediger HAGEDORN

(Online from Paris, France)

Director End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Pillar

The Consumer Goods Forum

and dr. Gerd WOLFRAM

(Online from Cologne, Germany)

The Consumer Founder RFID Implementation METRO Group

CEO and Owner IoT Innovation & Consult I Partner Digital Connection I Author I

Cologne Area, Germany

Management Consulting

Consumer Goods ForumParis

Autonomous Supply Chains: Vision Computing and Decentralised Decision Making

10.30 –11.15

Keynote Speaker: Professor Virgil POPA

Founder & Coordinator of Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response Conferences

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Supply Chain Management Journal

Valahia University of Targoviste

SCM for ECR Laboratory

Digitization of Business Processes in the Supply and Demand Chain. Collaborative Project for Resilience in a Big Disruption of Pandemic

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11-15 –12.00

Keynote Speaker: Professor Olga KOL

(Online from St. Petersburg, Russia)

Head of the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

of St. Petersburg State University of Economics,

Professor Sherbakov Vladimir V.



Problems and Prospects of Digitalization of Transport Logistics in the Conditions of a Pandemic

12.00 –12.45

Keynote Speaker: Professor Michael BOURLAKIS

(Online from Cranfield, England)

Director of Research for Cranfield School of Management

Group Head (Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management) and

Director of Centre for Logistics & Supply chain Management

Cranfield University

Blockchain and its Role and Importance for Supply Chains

12.45 –13.30

Keynote Speaker: Associate Prof. Marta STAROSTKA-PATYK

(Online from Czestochowa, Poland)

Department of Logistics and International Management

Faculty of Management

Czestochowa University of Technology

Information Exchange Between Supply Chains Participants in the Context of Sharing Economy


Authors presentations

13.30 – 14.00

Guest Speaker: Drd. Matei PURCĂREA

Romanian-American University

Increased Sustainability through Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Supply Chain Digitization

2nd Virtual Session

14.00 – 18.15

Chair: Theodor PURCAREA

14.00 – 14.45

Keynote Speaker: Associate Professors – Kim DERANEK and Ed LINDOO

(Online from Davie – Florida & Denver – Colorado, USA)

Nova Southeastern University and Regis University

Supply Chains Drive Business Strategy, Especially in a COVID-19 Environment

14.45 – 15.30

Keynote Speaker: Professor Călin VEGHEȘ

(Online from Bucharest, Romania)

Dean of the Faculty of Marketing

Bucharest University of Economic

Creating a Marketing Funnel to Support the Capitalization of the Cultural Heritage

15.30 –16.15

Keynote Speaker: Assistant Professor Gökhan KIRBAÇ

(Online from Istanbul, Turkey)

Head of the Air Logistics Department

Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey’

The Use of Blockchain Technology with Smart Contracts for Supply Chain Management and An Overview of Blockchain Technology Platforms


Guest Speakers


Associate Prof. Mircea Constantin DUICĂ

New Trends in Supply Chain Management – Case Study

16.45 – 17.15

Associate Prof. Mihaela ȘTEȚ

(Online from Baia Mare,Romania)

Digital Logistics Systems – Peculiarities in Transport Sector

17.15 – 17.45

Lecturer Ph.D. (c.) Ismail Erkut ERGENC

(Online from Izmir, Turkey)

Quality Factors and Customer Voice of E-Learning Services: An Overview of E-Services Logistics in terms of E-Learning Users


23 October 2020

3rd Virtual Session

9.30 – 12.30

(Bucharest Time Zone – Eastern European Summer Time (EEST), UTC +3)

Chair: Theodor PURCAREA


Keynote Speaker: Professor Theodor PURCĂREA

Romanian-American University

Member of the Advisory Board of the Romanian Competition Council

President of the Romanian Distribution Committee

Honorary Member of SSMAR

Ex-Minister of Domestic Trade

Ex-President Romanian Competition Council

Increasing Supply Chains Resilience by Valorizing Digitization and E2E Intelligent Workflows


Keynote Speaker: Associate Prof. Borna ABRAMOVIC

(Online from Zagreb, Croatia)

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Chair of Railway Transport Management

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Transport Sector in Croatia


11.45- 12.30

Keynote Speakers: Professor Costel NEGRICEA

(Online from Buchrest, Romania)

Rector of Romanian-American University

The Digitization of Higher Education in the Context of a Pandemic

4th Virtual Session

Chair Virgil POPA


Guest Speakers


Associate Prof. Paula BAJDOR

(Online from Czestochowa, Poland)

Sustainable Entrepreneurship as the Solution for 4.0 Industry


Research Assistant Lucija BUKVIC, Professor Jasmina Pašagić ŠKRINJAR & Mislav SMOLKOVIC

(Online from Zagreb, Croatia)

Implementation of Blockchain in Logistics and Digital Communication– Short Overview



(Online from Czestochowa, Poland)

Reverse Logistics in the Food Industry

14.00 – 14.30


(Online from Czestochowa, Poland)

Reverse Logistics in Furniture Industry


15.00-15.15 – Conclusions and the Close of Conference


Momente din conferinta