Call of papers

The upcoming 2022 Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response Conference will address a number of topics around these new challenges, and is now opening a call for papers.

Those interested in submitting papers can address, but are not restricted to, one of the the following topics:

1. The Revolution of Data Science for Supply Chain Management
2. The Supply Chain Digital Transformation
3. Empowerment and Engagement Future Leadership in Digital Revolution
4. Digital Supply Chain and Consumer Engagement
5. Recovery and Resilience: Managing Risks and Disruptions
6. Empowering Shoppers, Consumers and Users for Readiness in New Technologies

Abstracts should be submitted in English and a maximum of 300 words (minimum 100 words), accompanied by five to eight key words. This should be accompanied by the form described in the attached template. The deadline for submissions is 30st September 2022. Once your abstract has been approved, additional information will be provided about how to turn you abstract into a complete article. Deadline for articles to be submitted by 10th October 2022.

During the event, your presentations should be in PowerPoint format, be between 20-25 slides and should last around 25 minutes, with five minutes at the end for Q&A. Presentations should be live, but can be in person at the event or delivered remotely.